Well, let’s get personal. 

As you probably already know, I am the creator of The Empire Mindset project, but I think it is time to tell you a little bit more about my journey and my path to success. 

Let’s start by the beginning… I was born and raised in a little city about 2h away from downtown Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. My neighborhood was located in the suburbs and very poor, far away from everything, especially in the pre-internet era. 

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Getting a job

I finished High School a little late, at 19 years old, even though I have always loved to study. I really wanted to go to College but my family couldn’t afford it and I didn’t think I was able to get into a Public College in Brazil, since it was very hard to get in. However, today, when I look back, I see how limited my mind was. Of course I could have passed to a Public College, or even get a scholarship for a Private College. It wasn’t impossible, a lot of people do it, but, in my mind, it was. It actually was so possible that I ended up doing something even harder than getting into a Public College, I got a Government job. In Brazil, the government jobs are very seeked after, so the competition is huge. They open the positions by publishing them along with the specific requirements to be accepted. They promote a test, that will have the specific subjects determined by the job requirements. In my case, I was applying for jobs within the State and Federal Court systems. After about 4 years studying, I was hired by the State District Attorney office, as an Administrative Technician. I would help the District Attorney to analyse the cases, hearings, take testimonies, etc. I worked for 6 months, then I got accepted on another government job for the Federal Electoral Court, which was my dream position at that time. 

Right after I started with the Electoral Court, I went to Law School to either become a Lawyer, or to continue pursuing my career within the Public Court system. 

When My Dream Became My Worst Nightmare

Fast forward to 2 and a half years later… I was still doing the same thing I was doing when I started the job, I had dropped out of Law School, I had no perspective of what I wanted to do. To make things even worse, I was in an abusive relationship that I didn’t know how to get out of, making me somewhat depressed. 

To most people, I had the perfect life. I had a great job, with great pay and amazing benefits, I had a husband, I was living in a great, big apartment in the best location of the city. I had everything, I could do anything, but, to me, it felt like I had absolutely nothing. That person wasn’t me. I didn’t want stability, I didn’t want security. I wanted to take risks, I wanted to explore, do all the things that I didn’t do because I was so obsessed with getting that job for most of my young years. 

That’s when I had a great idea…

Taking a Turn

Why not just leave everything that I fought so hard for behind, and start it all over again in another country, with nobody that I actually knew and a language that I couldn’t even speak?

For most people, I was going crazy for real… but, for me, it was my chance to start from the zero and actually do things my way this time around. 

That’s when I decided that I should move to the US and start it over. 

From the idea conception to the actual trip, it took about 6-8 months to get everything together. My boyfriend at that time decided to come with me (to my sorrow). So we sold everything we had and flew here with 2 bags and a heart full of dreams. 

We came here as students, which was more expensive, but made it easier for us to have a driver’s license and setup our life with renting an apartment, setting up utilities etc. 

After a couple months here, I was finally able to break up my abusive relationship and start things on my way. He decided to go back to Brazil and I haven’t heard from him since. 

About 3 months after I was here, I started pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at a Community College in Orlando, FL. I was very excited to start my career in the IT field. Meanwhile, I started another relationship and this relationship helped me getting my residency and the right to work legally. 

My first job here was at a call center, for a timeshare company. After one year and a half there, I got another position at an IT company, in Tampa. I packed everything and moved to Tampa. It was still a customer service position, but I was getting closer to my goal, which was a technical IT position. 

After another year and a half, the lightning struck again and I reached my goal. I got my dreamed-of position as a Presales Consultant for Software company. I was beyond happy, I was ecstatic. I thought to myself, am I finally successful? Did I finally make it? 

When the Truth Hits

Well, if you are paying attention to my story, you probably already know where I am going with this…

Exactly, once again, I found myself wondering what to do next. Where do I go from here? I went back to school thinking I could pursue more education and maybe get a better job, but then I realized that this was what I was doing all along, wasn’t it? I was setting a goal to get a determined job, I would spend years trying to get that job, then I would feel empty and then set another job goal. Isn’t that what everyone does? Is this what it means to be successful? 

Not for me.

The Actual Path to Success

After give it a lot of thought, I realized I was running on auto-pilot. Set a goal, work for it, get it, repeat. I understand that this is what we learn we should do or what we observe people doing, but this isn’t an one size fits all thing. I felt like a hamster in a wheel, spinning but not moving. 

I figured out that in order for me to actually achieve success, I needed to understand what success was for me. 

Everyone has a different definition of success, and you won’t be able to feel successful if you don’t find your own path to success, based on what matters the most to you.

To me, the there are two things that matters the most:

1 – Money

I would not be happy if I didn’t have a way to make as much money as I need, on demand. I want to be able to travel, have a comfortable life and help my family without struggling. 

2 – Freedom

I want to make money, but I also want to be able to enjoy it. It isn’t worth for me to make all money in the world and don’t have the time to use it. Most people only go on vacation once or twice a year. I wanted something that would allow me to make money from wherever I am, the beach, the pool, Cancun, Greece, Italy…

My Final Answer, For Now…

So today, besides working from home as a Presales Consultant, I also have a Digital Marketing company that covers North America and Brazil. I am about to release my videos on my Brazilian YouTube channel and I have this project with The Empire Mindset. 

All these things together are helping me head towards my own path to success. I feel refreshed and happy to be doing what I actually meant to be doing all along. 

How about you? What is your path to success? Have you thought about it? Do you have the right goals setup? It is definitely a question worth asking…

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