what is SEO


Today you will learn what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how it works. Did you know that every day thousands of new blogs are launched and thousands of articles published?

what is SEO

The internet receives tons of ​​information and Google’s mission is to show people the best publications on each topic. And that is why you need to understand what SEO is and how to apply it in your strategy.

Google works with a keyword system. Thus, for each search, Google’s algorithm system will seek to show the user the best sites and blogs that will meet exactly what was searched.

Understanding what SEO is and how to use it in the best way will make your article the answer that the user is looking for, placing it on the first pages of Google. Thus, you get visitors to your site who want to know exactly what your published content is about.

SEO strategies will help you to generate many business opportunities.

But, calm down… I know it seem very confusing right now, but by the end of this article you will understand what SEO is and learn how to use it in your business. You will learn how to use it and you will know how to position your blog articles in the top positions of Google.

But, before we go into more detail about what SEO is, let’s understand what this strategy is and how Google works.

What is SEO?

Google has an algorithm system that monitors the internet 24 hours a day. The goal with this system, is to deliver to Google’s users the best content on the researched subject. And SEO does this through a system of keywords, which are the searches that people do. A user goes to Google and searches: “how to work at home”. The first page will show the first 10 results, which is called SERP, which is a ranking of positioning. These 10 results are the ones that receive the most clicks.

The better your position in the ranking the more clicks and more people are visiting your website or blog. To set up the SERP, Google evaluates a number of factors, such as the quality of the content, the relevance of the keyword, the authority of the site, the backlinks and hundreds of others things. Many of the points that Google analyzes can be improved with specific techniques. Positioning on Google is the main reason for you to understand what SEO is.

So… What the heck is SEO again?

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques for optimizing your website or blog, with the aim of appearing in the search results of Google users and other search engines. For this, your content must be of quality and relevant to the searches made by users, considering a particular search keyword ”

SEO is what you need to do to get your article well ranked on Google. Thus, your blog receives visitors, you capture leads and make more sales.

SEO is certainly one of the best digital marketing strategies, because once the initial investment has been made and the blog is positioned, the return tends to be very positive.

In this case, you do not need to invest so much in Google Ads, as you will already be positioned in Google.

SEO Strategy – How to rank on Google

In this mechanism, the search results are divided into two distinct groups: organic results and paid results.

Results from paid ads are shown at the top of each page, signaled below the link, with the text “ad” in green. Immediately follows the organic results.

The position of the results is defined by Google’s robots, which act as crawlers that evaluate data as the level of relevance of the content and authority of the page and, in a few seconds, organize and show the results to users. They understand that they should prioritize pages that can offer the best experience and highest quality to the user and that have the most complete content to answer the question or meet the need of those who performed the search.

But, these robots do not view javascript and images, as we, readers, only texts and codes. Therefore, it is essential to work with alternative text (alt text) in each of the images, inserting complete descriptions to help robots understand what it is about. Also, explore site optimization techniques.

What is Google Bot and how it works

Google Bot is the robot that Google uses to crawl websites, enter links and discover everything that web pages are offering to users.

It is through this “tracking” that Google organizes search results when a user performs a search. This is how Google provides the best results for its users.

This Google mechanism makes life easier for the user, because when he searches for a term, he doesn’t have to waste time looking for it page by page. Google already shows the best results, in order of relevance to you.

The Google bot organizes the search results, helping the user to find the results of the most complete and quality content, as the best answer to the question of the user that made the search.

How a site is viewed by Google and what cannot be seen

Google’s engines don’t see a website the way we humans do. Google’s engines see a site as text and code and cannot view images and javascript. That is the reason why, when creating a website or blog, we need to pay attention when structuring it or adding an image to the content, adding an alternative text (alt text) to each image.

Just add a description to the images, and Google’s engines can read and understand what your image is about. The use of alt text is extremely important, because without it, your image will appear to Google’s engines as an empty space in the middle of the text. And, let’s face it, this is terrible for your SEO strategy and ranking of your website or blog.

This is because, without alt text, this blank space will make the Google bot understand that its content is not relevant to the user who made the search, which makes your site or blog not in the best positions in search results.

Main factors in Google ranking

Currently, there are more than 200 factors with a direct influence on the ranking of a page. Here we will list some basic factors that deserve attention in your SEO planning. Check out:

On Page Factors (within the site itself)

  • Quality of content
  • Content size
  • Internal title
  • SEO Title
  • Friendly URLs
  • Heading Tags
  • LSI: the use of the keyword
  • Time spent on the page
  • Image optimization for SEO
  • Image size
  • Internal link
  • Responsive Design
  • Charging time
  • Meta Description
  • Sharing buttons


Off Page factors (external to the site)

  • Link Building
  • Authority
  • Locality
  • Engagement on social networks


How to Choose the Keyword

The starting point for doing good SEO is to define your keyword.

Keywords can be:
Short tail Example – Weight loss.
Medium tail Example – How to lose weight at home.
Long tail Example – How to lose weight with exercises to be done at home.

Our strategy is based on medium-tailed words, because when we do that, we end up ranking for long and short-tailed words. And this is because we work on the topics of the articles with these medium-tailed words.

You can do the same, and to do that, you need to search for those keywords on Google. There is not a certain number of surveys to determine whether an article is worth writing or not. It is necessary to evaluate according to the niche, strategy, etc. But, consider choosing a keyword that has at least 100 monthly searches. Also evaluate the related keywords, as they will also help in positioning your article. Consider the sum of searches between keywords and related keywords.

Well, you may be thinking: “100 searches is very little and, even if my article is on the first page, I will receive few clicks.” The secret here is to have many articles based on several keywords, because that way, when adding all your well positioned articles, you will receive a flood of traffic.

Do a lot of research and create a guide for your articles. If you use a freelance writer, it will be easier to order the articles you want to rank. To help you better understand this data, the following points in this article are very important.

Search Psychology – How It Works

Search psychology works focused on the user’s needs, on how he performs the search, on how he wants to find the result that brings the answer he wants. In other words, the user wants and seeks to find the best answer to his question or need, and it is up to you, through your content, to deliver exactly that to him.

As a digital marketer, you need to offer the best answer to your questions and meet the needs of users who search on Google. For that to happen, you need to put yourself in the user’s shoes and understand what he wants to find when he performs that search.

That is, for you to understand what the user wants to find through a search on Google, it is necessary to identify their search intent. Understanding the user’s search intent is a very important step in successfully attracting the target audience to your website or blog.

There are 3 types of searches on Google, and this is what you will see next.

SEO: 3 types of Google searches

Search engine results are targeted to users’ needs, the way they search and what they expect as a result. And, for you to understand this way the user does his searches, you need to understand what the intention was when he typed a certain term.

Knowing what users intend when doing a search on Google will help you create strategies to attract the right people to your blog.

The 3 types of searches are:

  • Direct search
  • Informative search
  • Commercial search


Direct Search

It is the search that the user does when he already knows exactly which site he will access, but that does not remember the URL or simply finds it easier to type the name of the blog and expects the link to appear in the results.

For example: The Empire Mindset instead of www.theempiredigitalinfluence.com.

Informative Search

It is the research that the user does to obtain information on a subject, through articles, news, etc.

While in the direct search the user knows which site he is looking to find, in the informative search the user searches for a subject, but does not know exactly which site he will find what he wants and this search is not very clear to the search engines.

So, if your site is well positioned on Google, it will appear as a result for users who do this type of search.

Otherwise, the user tends to seek organic results to solve their problem and that’s not what you want, is it? That’s why it is essential to optimize your site to be well positioned on Google.

Commercial Search

It is the search in which the user seeks to carry out some type of online transaction, either to buy a product or to find a specific store.

Therefore, if your website is an e-commerce, work on your SEO, as the commercial search is focused on this type of business.

Analysis of the Google results page for the main keyword

Even if you have several keywords to be able to optimize the content, there will always be a main keyword that is more valuable because of your search volume.

Many SEO strategies are focused on the long-tail keyword, but even so, the use of the main keyword remains more relevant. And, precisely because of its search volume, the main keyword can further influence its positioning in search results.

Competition Analysis

Know your competition well before setting up your strategy planning.

When you know how your competition works, you have more security to create your own strategies with more assertiveness.

When a SERP(Search Engine Results Page) is analyzed, the general metrics of the first 10 results are evaluated, but if the keyword is very competitive, a much deeper analysis is made of the first 3 results of the ranking.

You can analyze the top 10 positions using tools like ahrefs, Moz and UberSuggest.

Data Analysis

To analyze whether your SEO strategies are working, you need to monitor your actions. Track all metrics and make comparisons for periods to see how your business is doing. Set a date each month to compare and evaluate the positioning of your articles on Google. Always make periodic reviews and keep your articles updated.

For this, you can relaunch old articles, after updating them, just change the date of your article. But remember not to change the post url.

what is SEO

SEO On Page x SEO Off Page

SEO techniques are divided into SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

SEO On Page are techniques that you apply internally in writing your article and configuring your website. These techniques need to be very well done, as they are all in your hands.

SEO Off Page are techniques outside your site and basically consists of creating links to your blog.

Why is it necessary to have links from other sites pointing to your blog?

Remember that I said that Google analyzes the authority of your site, the quality of the content, among other factors?

So, having links pointing to your blog is like having people indicating your content as good.

Imagine a book. The more people who recommend this book, the more other people will understand that the book is good. For Google, a link from one site to another site is like a recommendation.

Thus, the more links, the more recommendations and Google understands that that site has good content, improving its positioning.

There is no point in knowing what SEO is without good content

I imagine you’re excited to do your blog’s SEO, right? It is really something that you should pay attention to.

You need to do a well-done keyword research, but there is no point in doing an excellent search, finding the best keywords and not delivering quality content.

In 1996 Bill Gates said, “Content is king”. Content is what makes a difference on the internet. Even if your site is on the first page of Google, if it does not meet the expectations of the target audience, it will have no function for you.

For Google, each user of the search engine is a customer and the best way for him to satisfy his customers is to offer content that meets users’ searches. This is the secret of Google’s success, as it always seeks to deliver content that will bring the best experience that Google users can have.

Many SEO “experts” say the content is not as relevant. I totally disagree. I have always said and will always continue to tell that the best SEO strategy is to produce great content.

You can know what SEO is in the smallest details, but without great content, it just not going to cut it.

SEO Guide On Page

After defining your keyword, it’s time to do SEO On Page.

Now that we know what SEO On Page is, let’s get straight to the practical part.

Google ranking factors

There are several factors that interfere with the ranking of a website, whether on page or off page.

As you already know, in SEO On Page, the ranking factors work within the page itself, so the content of your blog or website can appear in the search engines as a result of the search that users do.

Here are some of these factors:

Installing the Yoast SEO Plugin

If your blog doesn’t already have this plugin, installing Yoast SEO is the first thing to be done. I consider it to be the best plugin for SEO On Page.

Repetition of the keyword in the text

Repeat the keyword from 2% to 3% of the entire text. For example, if your text has a thousand words, repeat 20 to 30 times.

In this article, I am working with the keyword “what is SEO”, throughout the article, I am repeating it, but you have to do it naturally. You cannot force repetition, you have to do it so that the text is coherent.

Related keywords and use of synonyms (LSI)

Related keywords should be “spread” throughout your text. They will complement the relevance, thus strengthening the SEO on page of your article.

To discover related keywords, do a Google search for the main keyword, as Google itself shows the words it considers as related keywords. You can also use these related searches to create topics in your articles.

Title of Your Article or Post

The title of your article or post must have the keyword.

You can define two headings: the one for the article, placed directly on WordPress and the one for Google, which you inform at the end of the article in the Yoast SEO Plugin field.

The title for Google must be a maximum of 58 characters.


Organize your text using subtitles. Put a maximum of 300 words between subtitles.

A suggestion I give you is to make subtitles with the keyword in H2 and in subtitles H3 with related keywords.


The Url is the specific link for each article on your blog.

To create the ideal url, you need two things: that the keyword is in the url and that the url is relatively short.

Internal Links

If you regularly read the articles here on The Empire Mindset, you have already noticed that we are always recommending other articles from us.

This has 3 reasons:

  1. Indicate quality content
  2. Increase the time the visitor stays on our blog
  3. And also for SEO reasons

The internal linking process is taken into account by Google when ranking.

Number of words (article size)

Make articles with at least 1200 words.

A survey recently came out, that the articles that are ranked have an average of 2000 words. So consider using this amount of words in your articles to get ahead.

Time on page

One of the factors that can impact the ranking of your website is the time that the user stays on your page. The longer the user stays on your page, the more Google recognizes your content as quality content.

Make your content very attractive, so that the user is increasingly interested in what you are reading and does not leave your blog page quickly.

Optimized images

Whenever you are going to use an image in your content, try to write the name of the article containing the keyword.

You can also add alternative text (alt text).

Pay attention to the size of the image, as heavy images can make loading difficult, which can affect the ranking of your website or blog.

Responsive design

When defining the indexing of pages, Google gives priority to sites that have a responsive design that is accessible to all devices, such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

A responsive design will completely open the content and images on your website or blog, making it easier to read and navigate, regardless of the screen size.

Therefore, choose a responsive design for your blog, so that it is an additional factor of ranking in Google.

Loading speed

Increasingly rushed, the public wants everything for yesterday and in relation to access to information on the internet it would be no different. For the user to remain on your page, it must have a quick load, in very few seconds, so that the user does not leave and click on the competition page.

Loading speed is also another factor that Google takes into account when placing pages in users’ search results.

If your page takes a long time to load, users will not stay on it and, with the repetition of this action, Google’s algorithm will understand that your content is bad, failing to rank your blog well.

To measure loading speed, use GT Metrix and PageSpeed.

Share buttons

While not a Google ranking factor, sharing buttons and meta description are essential to being able to optimize your blog pages.

This is because, the sharing buttons well located on your page and the well-described meta description will improve the user experience and, from that, the actions that users take will influence the positioning of your page.

Goal Description

You also fill it out at the end of the article on Yoast SEO. It is a short description of your article and must contain the keyword.


That’s when your article appears indexed on Google.

Indexing does not mean that it will already be appearing on Google searches, but it can be found.

To check if your article is indexed, search Google:

“Website: yoursite.com/yourarticle”

Off Page SEO Guide

SEO Off Page can be summed up in the creation of links that will point to your website. These links are called Backlinks.

Remember the example of recommendations in the book I mentioned at the beginning?So, to get these recommendations in a natural way, most of the time it is a long process.

The techniques to get links naturally are called White Hat SEO.

On the other hand, to speed up the process it is possible to create artificial recommendations and this is done through Black Hat SEO techniques.

But beware! Google just doesn’t like the creation of artificial links, as it understands that this is a manipulation of links.

White hat SEO

What is a Backlink

A backlink is a link in the text of another website that points to your website.

Suppose the website xyz.com is talking about blogs, and when talking about SEO, put a link to this article as it is a complete SEO guide. This is what we call Backlink.

The backlinks that take effect to rank on Google, follow the pattern of the example above, are contextual and have a relationship between the contents.

It would be of little use for a website or blog of digital marketing, a link on a weight loss site, as there is no relationship between the contents, which would make no sense to create links.

Link Building

Link building is responsible for ensuring that your page stands out as relevant and popular to Google, as it works for other sites to point to yours, indicating your content as a quality reference on that subject.

We can say that link building is the process of building links to your website, following the criteria I said in the topic about backlinks.

Search engines “see” backlinks as referrals and use this to measure the relevance of your blog. So, the more backlinks pointing to your blog, the more relevant it will be to Google. And the more relevant the site that pointed to yours, the more relevant your blog will become, understand?

However, it is necessary that the sites that link to your content belong to the same niche, because, if it is in niches that have nothing to do with your content, the link will not be very relevant to Google’s mechanisms.

Social Links

Create accounts on all social networks and publish your content. This will increase social signals.

Exchange Links

Seeking partnerships to exchange links is an excellent alternative to get backlinks.

However, it is important that the exchange is contextual, that the link really serves as a reference in the article.

Some say it is a “dangerous technique”, but according to ahrefs, it is a normal practice and does not cause any penalty.


Visiting blogs and leaving comments is a natural process. Although they are not very effective for ranking, they help in the composition of links and engagement.


Although it is not such a simple task, adding search data from trusted sites makes your blog a reference for other blogs (which can generate links indicating your content), in addition to giving an image of credibility and professionalism and, of course , improve your SEO.

Guest Posts

A little more complicated to get, but you can find people who give space on your blog to publish articles as a guest. The secret here is to offer incredible content.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts is a strategy similar to that of the Guest Post, however, in this case, you pay to publish your article on another blog. Of course, you must place links to your blog. Always keep in mind that these links need to be contextual. The linked content must, in fact, help the reader to understand more about the subject.

Interviews with experts on the subject

Interviews with experts on the topic you are addressing in the content brings a lot of relevance to your blog. This practice can generate a link from the specialist being interviewed and demonstrates that your content is of high quality.

The tip here is to send the interview link to the specialist, thanking him for his collaboration and requesting the sharing (which is usually not even necessary, as he will probably share the link with the content on his social networks or / and website).

Web 2.0

Do you know those blogs from Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.?

These blogs make up what is called Web 2.0. These are free blogs that you can build to help you create links to your blog.

And the big advantage is exactly that: they are free.

Web 2.0 examples:


PBN – Private Blog Network

This is a more advanced strategy, but with enormous potential!

Earlier I talked about the quality of the sites that indicate yours through the links. Getting these sites to do this is a difficult process, it can be time-consuming or expensive, often having to pay to have these links in sponsored posts. And then they invented a solution.

Why not create your own quality website to generate the links?

When we buy a domain we have ownership of it for a period of at least one year and, to maintain it, we must renew the property every year. It turns out that every day thousands of domains are expired, as their owners do not renew and many of these domains are of high quality.

These domains are capable of generating high quality links to leverage your position in the Google ranking. This is the great advantage of making PBN’s.

These blogs, which are built with expired domains, are called PBN´s, which means Private Blog Network. They are your blogs, where you will have full control of the publications and the creation of links.

And this is where you need to be careful not to overdo it, because if Google realizes that you are manipulating links, your work could go down the drain. The secret is to do it in the most natural way possible. There are several ways to find these expired domains.

Once you register a domain of this type, just create the website in WordPress in the same way that you created your main website or blog.

You can read more about my experience creating a blog in less than a day here.

But beware! Do not create sites just to create links, create these sites in the best possible way, with quality content and also focused on positioning. Doing it this way, backlinks are much more valuable, and you are not taking any risks, as they are real sites with quality content that are ranking on Google.

These techniques are recommended when thinking about a long-term business, as the results take longer. Thus, I recommend creating a complete project, thinking about the long term.

I recognize that the whole SEO process is a little bit of work, but it is extremely necessary to be able to win the best positions on Google. The more blogs of this type you create, the better it will be for your business.

I recognize that it takes work and I usually say that working on the internet is possible, profitable, accessible and, in most cases, the strategies are easy to be applied.

With all this, one thing is true: it takes work!

Who, in fact, is successful on the internet and manages to earn money is the one who works with a lot of dedication.

Many people are frustrated when trying to make money on the internet because they are looking for an easy and error-free way. It just doesn’t exist! When a financial pyramid case breaks out, I am perplexed by the number of people who fall into it. But this always happens with people who are looking for easy money.

Making money on the internet is possible for those who really want to work!

You can learn more about the TOP 5 legitimate ways to make money online here.

Social Media SEO

Another factor that influences the positioning of your website in relation to SEO Off Page is the engagement of the public with your content on social networks. Google’s algorithm perceives audience engagement with your content and also uses it as a ranking factor for your blog.

The more engaged the audience is, the more authority you gain and the more well positioned you will be in Google’s indexing, as it understands that if the audience is engaged, it is because your content is relevant.

And the more people who are engaged, the more Google will “want to offer” your content, as Google always wants to offer the best content to its users.

This process is very simple: Engagement on social networks brings people to your site and the more people who visit your site, the better it ranks on Google.

Local SEO

If you own a physical business and use digital marketing to attract more customers, you can use local SEO strategies.

The main objective of Google is to offer its user the best result for the search he did. Google positions local businesses better when it combines user research with Google Maps results.

Users are increasingly accessing from mobile devices and are therefore looking for a location closer to their current location. That’s because, as I said, Google wants to offer the best result for its user.

So, if your business is a restaurant, a beauty salon, an office or any other physical business, where customers come to you, it is definitely worth investing in local SEO. And, in order to work your website’s SEO so that Google’s search engines indicate your business, you need, first of all, to provide your location.

So, what you need to do is basically disclose your business address and phone number on the first page of your website, in a strategic place. And, for your site to appear on Google Maps every time a user searches for a term related to your business, you can use Google My Business.

Sign up for Google My Business so people can easily find your business address and phone number when they search. In addition, users can also leave ratings, comments and score the service.

This has a great influence on other users and can be a great advertisement for your business.

What is mobile SEO

More than 50% of searches registered are made through mobile devices and, considering this information, the SEO for mobile devices emerged in order to guarantee a good experience for these users.

You can use SEO for mobile devices using a responsive design, according to the width of the device used, displaying the content completely, without distortions and adjusted to the screen, a good resolution so that the user can have a quality experience, as if accessing from the desktop.

I hope you now are able to understand a little more about what is SEO and the different techniques you can use to rank your website or blog on the top of the Google searches. This can definitely help  you improve the number of users that access your page every day. 

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